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At Shake Café we offer delivery or in-store pick-up services for your favorite drinks or dishes. When completing the order, choose if you want to collect in the store or if you prefer home delivery. Delivery has a cost of € 5 with free shipping over € 10 per order with the possibility of serving certain areas of Florence: Historic Center, Romito, Novoli, Statuto, Le Cure and Coverciano.

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Interested in a quick and healthy lunch break?

Do you want to make a quick and healthy lunch with natural ingredients? Here are our proposals for a healthy lunch break!

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Thirsty? Why not choose something that is both healthy and tasty!

Shake Café offers fresh juices, smoothies and super smoothies! Choose from our extensive menu, always vegan milk options available

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To finish the meal or for a sweet and healthy afternoon break

To complete the lunch, there is nothing better than a good coffee. For an afternoon break, we offer you a wide choice of drinks, hot and cold, all made with love

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Shake Cafe offers an alternative way of eating to the very traditional city of Florence, emphasizing health, freshness, simplicity and quickness. Cristiano, one of the owners, drives to the fruit and vegetable market at least 3 nights a week, choosing mostly local and seasonal products that will be sold in our stores. From the beginning of our story, our main priority has been to focus on sustainability […]

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Shake Café has four stores in Florence. If you have chosen to collect your order in the store, come and pick it up in any of our four locations: Via Cavour 67/r, Via del Corso 28/r, Via dei Neri 56 or Via degli Avelli 2/r. You will be able to choose your preferred pickup point when completing your order.

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